How to Install Ring Camera Without an Existing Doorbell

Ring has a reputation for making cameras that are both easy to install and use. So, in today’s article, we will show you how to install Ring doorbell camera without an existing doorbell. 

How to Install Ring Doorbell Camera Without an Existing Doorbell – Pre-Installation

1. Make Sure Your Doorbell Is Fully Charged

Before you begin the installation, your doorbell has to be fully charged. This is important so that the battery won’t run down no matter how long the installation lasts.

To do this, you have to remove the battery from the bottom of the Ring Doorbell and plug it into a power source, using the orange USB cable it comes with.

So, how can you tell if the battery is fully charged?

Well, if the light on top of the battery turns green, and there is no orange light, you know that it is ready for installation. 

After charging, insert the battery back into the doorbell. The battery, once charged, can last at least 6 months. 

This is great because then you won’t have to be changing batteries often. 

As a second option, you can get another battery to keep as a replacement so you’re not left stranded when the other runs down.

2. Download the App and Create an Account

If you use a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone, this is the point where you download the Ring app. The Ring app helps you control the doorbell. It is the central command. 

When you open the app, create an account on the app. 

How to do this? Don’t worry, it’s easy. 

All you have to do is go to Create Account and follow the instructions you’re given. You’ll be asked to give out certain personal information such as your name, location, and email address. 

When you’re done putting in this information, tap on the Create Account button and wait for your confirmation email. 

Once you confirm your email, begin to set up the other details of the account so that you can install your Ring Doorbell. 

If you already have a Ring account, you can just log in rather than create a new account

How to Install Ring Doorbell Camera Without an Existing Doorbell – Installation

1. Select Your Device

At this point, you should open the Ring app and select the type of doorbell you want to set up, eg. Doorbells. 

After you’ve picked the type of device, scan the code on your device. If you don’t see any code to scan, you can opt for the option to Set Up Without Scanning

But if you do have your code, scan it and give your device a name. 

To help you remember, you can name it based on what part of the house the camera is watching

When you’re done setting this up, you’ll be asked for your street address in case you want to purchase monitoring services in the future. 

2. Connect to WiFi

Next, you must press and hold the orange button on the back of the device. When you do this, the light in front of the device will start spinning to signal that the device is in setup mode. 

This means that your device is ready to connect to the doorbell through WiFi. 

At this point, your doorbell has been successfully installed and is ready to be mounted wherever you want.

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