Can You Adjust the Camera Angle on the Ring Doorbell?

Can you adjust the camera angle on the Ring doorbell? Definitely. But how do you do this? Keep reading to learn.

When you have to place a regular doorbell, angles are the least of your problems. However, it’s a much different case when it comes to a Ring video doorbell. The angle of the doorbell’s placement will determine both when and how well you can see visitors approaching your doorstep. 

This is why it’s very important to get the right accessories with your Ring doorbell from the start. And so today, we will be showing you the best way to adjust the camera angle on the ring bells. 

This tells you that it is possible to adjust your camera. So, make sure to stick around till the end. 

How to Adjust the Camera Angle on Your Ring Doorbell

Positioning Your Ring Video Doorbell 

There are two different kits that are helpful in positioning your Ring doorbell. 

On the one hand, there is the wedge kit which helps you to properly angle your doorbell in the perfect position. 

Then, on the other hand, there is the corner kit. This kit is designed to allow you to properly adjust the viewing angles on your Ring Video Doorbell Wired by 15, 30, or 45 degrees.

Adjusting Your Ring Doorbell in Homes With Siding

If your home has siding, you definitely need to consider the angle of the siding. 

This is because mounting your doorbell just like that will have the doorbell pointing up. So, instead of catching the movement of visitors, it will most likely catch the passing traffic.

A much better option will be to mount your Ring Video Doorbell with a wedge kit on the siding. 

This way, your doorbell is angled perfectly to catch the movement of visitors. 

Adjusting Your Ring Doorbell in Homes Above Ground Level

Another case scenario is if your door is above ground level. That is, you are dealing with stairs. 

In this case, the height doesn’t allow your Ring Doorbell to catch visitors walking up your stairs. Instead, you’ll be getting motion alerts from the passing traffic. 

The solution to this is as easy as the first case. 

With a wedge kit, you can lower the angle of your doorbell. With this, you are more likely to catch approaching visitors and not pick up passing traffic on the street. 

The wedge kit also allows you to achieve several camera angles depending on your needs. 

With one wedge, you can achieve a 15-degree angle. With two, you get a 30-degree angle, and with all three wedges, you get a 45-degree angle. 

So, you can go ahead and choose which works for your home. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, another amazing thing about the wedge kit is that they don’t have to be so different from the color of your home. 

They are designed with materials that allow them to be painted to match the color of your home. 

Now, you don’t have them oddly standing out from the rest of the house.

If you found this helpful, let us know in the comments.  

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